Stress Relief Tips to Get You Through AEP

With less than two months to take advantage of Medicare’s biggest selling season, agents undoubtedly feel a lot of pressure to be productive during the Annual Enrollment Period.

We’ve put together some ideas to manage your stress and avoid burnout during your busy season.

Nurture Basic Health

It’s easy to feel like production numbers are all that matters during AEP. However, neglecting your basic health needs – eating, sleeping, and exercise – can have extremely detrimental effects on your body. The Mayo Clinic offers these guidelines for maintaining your body’s energy levels and immune system:

Once the essentials are taken care of, you can dive deeper into understanding your own stress and finding...

The Agent Survival Guide Issue #6

How to Boost Your Business Selling Hospital Indemnity

Like coffee or sushi, hospital indemnity insurance can be an acquired taste, but one that’s definitely worth discovering. If you’ve already realized the power these small supplementary products can pack, we’ll teach you how to step up your sales. If you’re new to the idea, read on to find out...

Things to Think About Post-AEP

Congratulations! Break out the confetti because you survived AEP! Take a moment to relax, but don’t pause for too long. Now’s the time to ensure you have a clear way to track your business while continuing to help your clients into the new year. We’ve put together a few tips...

Look for Even More from ASG in 2017

We hope you’ve enjoyed everything the Agent Survival Guide has published in 2016! We want to give you an update on our latest additions and let you in on some of our big plans for 2017. What’s Next? More than ever before. In 2017, we’ll provide you more useful information...

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Breathe in, breathe out. Eliminate stress in just a few minutes.

Issue #6's Quiz

One entry per agent. All fields are required for a valid entry.

What do we recommend doing post-AEP?
a. Organize enrollments in a CRM, verify enrollments were processed, compare enrollments with commissions.
b. Purchase an expensive CRM, collect commissions, delete clients' contact info.
c. Organize enrollments in a CRM, confirm enrollments and commissions, dispose of all SOAs.
d. Organize enrollments in a CRM, verify enrollments were processed, call the carrier for all commission disputes.
Which of the following is NOT a recommended method to nurture your health and alleviate stress?
a. Laughing
b. Finishing all work before sleeping
c. Quietly reflecting and meditating
d. Completing a simple afternoon project
What’s valuable about selling hospital indemnity plans?
a. They effectively replace Medicare Parts A and B.
b. There are no enrollment periods or selling seasons.
c. You can sell them at an MA appointment without an SOA.
d. They cover all medical expenses Original Medicare doesn't cover.

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One entry per agent.

Grand prize is applicable at a golf or spa location of your choosing.

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